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State of the art lower ground floor living. Gone are the days when lower ground floor living meant a dark, damp cellar with no headroom. Glatthaar introduces ther ThermoSafe  [thermosafe basement] concept providing warm, bright and spacious living comfort. An extra bedroom, bathroom, kids play room, gym, home cinema - the choice is yours.

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The ThermoSafe basement consists of the following items:

  • min. 250 mm waterproof concrete ground floor slab
  • 360 mm prefabricated IsoTwin panels, consisting of reinforced waterproofed concrete outer and inner leaves bonded together with lattice girders, the cavity of the wall and the ground floor slabG are poored in-situe in one peace
  • Standard: 40mm insulation plusup to 120 mm Glatthaar ThermoSafe, to achive an U-Value Level of up to 0,20 W/m²K
  • 200 mm concrete reinforced ground floor slab

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