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Case Studies

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Watford, Herefordshire

Two basements, one project

The client wanted us to build two big basements in Watford, Surrey one for himself and his family and one for his parents, both living together on the same plot. The two of them were so designed that the sun would shine into the basement as long as possible, so that the rooms would be very bright all day. We could offer a solution that enabled us to build this two constructions in just seven weeks. In a 131,80 m² and 106,50 m² big basement the children of the family can now play in their own toy paradise all day and the big ones may relax with a billiard match while the rest of the family is watching a nice movie in their own home cinema. With our patented Thermosafe system and its internal insulation they reached a fantastic U-value of 0,25 W/m²K and so they are able to safe a good deal of maintenance costs. Likewise thanks to our Aquasafe technology they can be sure to have no problems with incoming groundwater. Combined with the additional space that a basement provides this adds a lot of value to their new homes. Glatthaar congratulates the new homeowners to their economic build houses.



System Used: Glatthaar AquaSafe Glatthaar ThermoSafe (120mm core insulation)
Footprint- Basement: 106,50 m² 131,80 m²
Footprint- Ground Floor: 103,00 m²   21,00 m²
Floor Height: 2,50 m 2,50 m
u-value: 0,25 W/m²K 0,25 W/m²K
Split Level: 1 at GFL 1 at GFL
Construction Time: 7 weeks (Plot 1&2) 7 weeks (Plot 1&2)



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