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Case Studies

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Bath Kit House

The property is located on a beautiful hill site plot just a mile away from the town centre of roman Bath.

Very difficult site conditions, an extremely difficult site entrance, a steep sloping hill site plot and wellsprings in the clay strata, makes this project a challenging experience regarding site planning, design and construction.

The client wanted to use their plot of land as efficient as possible and gain as much space as viable for their new house. Due to the sloping plot, a partly exposed basement was the perfect solution to achieve these requirements.

The idea was to use the basement as a wonderful big cinema and playing room for the three children, followed by a “wine cellar”, a plant room for the technical installations (e.g. Heat Pump, Boiler etc.), a store room and a big double garage with a connected workshop.

The basement therefore consists of two main areas, the garage/store/technical area on the right and the habitant warm living area on the left. Both areas lies on different levels and are connected by an elliptic concrete staircase – a main feature of the building.

This level difference is copied in the ground floor (=basement soffit), extended by another concrete split level to separate the kitchen from the dining room and completed by an additional concrete slab to the left of the basement. Last but not least, an external concrete staircase was created to enter the main entrance hall.

All this was achieved by our AquaSafe Basement System that was specially invented for high water table and extreme ground conditions to guarantee a 100% water-tightness of the construction. In combination with our ThermoSafe Wall System we could offer the ambitious customer a complete package for all of his requirements.

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