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High quality basements

Glatthaar Fertigkeller design, manufacture and build high quality basements. The space created provides dry, warm and comfortable lower ground floor living accommodation in addition to forming the foundation for the house above.

We have developed the most technologically advanced off site manufacturing process in the industry. Combined with our on-site installation techniques, we confidently offer clients the most effective basement with the fastest on side built time. Our computer controlled, fully automated factories produce an unerring quality product under environment friendly conditions. By carrying out in our factory many of the operations normally done on site under very trying conditions we dramatically reduce the likely hood of mistakes arising from human error.

Our service

The Glatthaar Fertigkeller service includes the full management package. We produce all working/installation drawings and structural calculations ready for Building Control approval. In addition an English speaking Project Manager is appointed to each individual project and is responsible for liaising with the client, his/her professional advisers and all other contractors to ensure the scheme runs smoothly. All Basements are installed by our own directly employed, company trained and experienced installation teams who are selected from our German based labour force.

We pride ourselves in completing our projects on time and within the agreed contract price. Furthermore, at Glatthaar we never forget the satisfaction of the client is our prime concern, a fact that many satisfied customers will be happy to confirm.

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