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We produce our Glatthaar Elements in our own factory in the south of Germany next to our home base in Schramberg. Our production hall with a footprint of over 5000m² enables us a modern industrial manufacturing construction independent of all weather conditions.

Our product is manufactured using precision engineering in modern, high-tech production facilities. Every basement is unique and is manufactured to your specifications.

Our extensive experience and quality management systems guarantee the highest possible results. The prefabricated construction immensely reduces construction times and is naturally not dependant upon weather conditions which in-turn adds to the high quality of the Glatthaar product.
With a basement, additional living space is created for the whole family, bedrooms, children's playrooms, bathrooms, gym, spars and even home cinemas. The extra space increases the value of your home significantly.

A basement is the eco-friendly (long term) and often most cost effective solution to gaining more space, especially when the footprint of the house is restricted by storey height and size of plot. A basement is the ideal solution for a hillside or sloping site and it is also possible to gain natural light by the use of windows, light-wells or sunken patios.

Everything about a basement helps to achieve quality lower ground floor living.

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