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For the Self Builder

Self builders are, by definition, self starters. They want to do things for themselves and build a home in which they can express their individual style.

Whether, on previously undeveloped land or replacing an existing house self builders are increasingly looking to the long term benefit of a basement as a foundation and extra living space for their new home.

Very often land now becoming available for development was previously considered too expensive to develop due to contamination or other adverse ground conditions, such as rising ground water, methane and radon gases and/or difficult topography.

Current legislation requires that even where replacing a house on previously developed land foundations be increased in depth to overcome adverse ground conditions including clay shrinkage and heave and the effect of trees or planted vegetation. The expense involved in providing a foundation in these conditions can make a basement a cost effective alternative. Particularly as it also provides additional living space.

To summarize a basement:

  • Under a new bungalow or house living space can be increased by 100% and 50% respectively
  • May be used as separate accommodation even providing an income
  • Can be left unfinished and completed later when money becomes available
  • Overcomes problems on sites with poor soil conditions, high water tables and contaminated land
  • Can be built on steeply sloping or hilly sites
  • In urban areas often overcomes issues of unneighbourly development such as increases in height, massing, overlooking etc
  • Is normally allowed in Green Belt, Areas of Natural Beauty, National Parks and other sensitive areas.

Whatever the ground conditions Glatthaar Fertigkeller provide a cost effective technical solution. Our precast/in situ concrete basements eliminates the effect of clay shrinkage and heave or problems related to trees and vegetation. A specially reinforced external tanking system eliminates the effect of gases such as radon and protects against aggressive chemicals in contaminated ground. The basement of course, also acts as the foundation for the house.

Glatthaar Fertigkeller understands the needs of the self builder. In many of the European countries we operate a substantial number of our basements are built directly for the homeowner. We provide a complete design, manufacture and installation service. Our basements provide a waterproof, warm living space and also the foundation on which the house is built. We can include all ground and drainage works in our management package.

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