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For the Developer

It is important the developer recognises the full development potential of land; it determines the cost he is prepared to pay. This gives him an edge over those trying to buy the same land.

For example a basement:

  • Under a new house, bungalow or block of low rise flats increases the living space by 100% for a single storey, 50% for a two storey or 33% for a three storey building
  • May be used as separate accommodation
  • May be left unfinished for the buyer to develop at a later date
  • Garaging cars can increase the number of houses on a site
  • Overcomes problems on sites with poor soil conditions, high water tables or contaminated land
  • Can be constructed on steeply sloping or hilly sites
  • In urban areas overcomes issues of unneighbourly development such as increases in height, massing, overlooking etc
  • Is normally allowed in Green Belt, Areas of Natural Beauty, National Parks and other sensitive areas

Basements therefore offers the developer maximum return on his investment by providing flexible living space to meet the ever changing lifestyle of the family across the generations. As a consequence he increases the number of potential buyers.

Glatthaar Fertigkeller provide a unique service; a complete design, manufacture and installation of a waterproof, warm living space; it is also the foundation on which the whole superstructure is built. Where preferred by our clients the service also includes related ground works and drainage.

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