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Basement Design and Build

Basement Design and Build

Posted on 25th July 2016

Long gone are the days when lower floor living means a dark, damp cellar with no headroom, because Glatthaar are on hand to solve all of those old basement problems. Glatthaar, a German company was founded in 1980 and over the years have created concepts that provide our customers with warm, bright and spacious living areas.

Building a house is a long term and probably the single biggest investment that you will ever make, and if you are planning to put a basement bellow your new home then the right choice of basement company is vital. Quality and competence, rather than price should be your primary consideration when selecting your partner. Poor quality products and/or installations are not easily remedied and can prove expensive and a nerve racking experience.

For over 30 years Glatthaar-Fertigkeller have specialised in all aspects of basement construction including design, calculations, off-site manufacturing, on-site building and many other additional services. We focus on the creation and development of our constructions which, in essence, will guarantee added value to your home.

Where poor soil conditions exist and expensive foundations, such as pile foundations, are being considered, a basement can provide a cost effective solution by not only providing the foundations for the house but also adding additional living space.

Each of our projects are a Fixed Price Project, within this price we deliver the following works and services:

  • Project management for the whole of the basement building period
  • Our project manager controls the work of the ground worker before he accepts the site.
  • We deliver the calculations, working drawings, Health and Safety documents, everything that you need for building control. as we are giving the warranty we will not accept this from a third party.
  • We deliver: The Basement Base-plate, water tight. water tight External walls, Internal Load Bearing Walls. Partitioning walls (if ordered), Ceiling with reinforced water tight concrete. External tanking, External insulation, Surface water and Backfill Sheeting.
  • Cranes, Concrete pump, Transport from Germany.
  • In short, anything to do with the basement.

If a Ground Bearing Slab is ordered we deliver a Raft Foundation construction. The foundation plate is of reinforced concrete with a standard thickness of 20cm. This cuts out the necessity of having trench foundations under the foundation plate.

Glatthaar originally started business in Schramberg Germany, but are now building innovative basements all over Europe, our main cliental are base in Germany, Switzerland and England.

Glatthaar is a Passive House Certified company and are a founder member of the English Passive House Trust. We build, on average, between 2500 – 3000 basements across Europe each year, all being pre-fabricated in Germany and transported to their final destination. This method maintains our ability to guarantee that every project is bespoke and that customers gain something completely different.

All the above services are part of the reason that Glatthaar-Fertigkeller has become Europe’s leader in the pre-fabricated basement industry. Over the years, Glatthaar has gained several prestigious awards including the German Industrial Quality Award (being the only basement company ever to win this), the Award for High Recommendations, the Creative Prize 2005, we are one of the top 100 companies to work for in Germany and in 2013 we took 7 from 8 first places in the Focus-Money Magazine fair service survey over pre-fabricated basement companies. 

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