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Baby Basement

New Innovation - The Glatthaar Baby Basement

baby basement info

The Glatthaar Baby Basement is a budget solution providing additional space below the ground bearing slab. The basement can be used as a storage or utility room, wine cellar, etc. and can be located wherever considered in the architectural drawings.

The technical features are:

Dimensions: 4,80 m (length) x 4,80 m (width) x 2,40 m (internal structural height)

  • Foundation slab: reinforced waterproof concrete,
  • thickness: 250 mm
  • External walls: reinforced waterproof concrete,
  • thickness: 240 mm
  • Floor slab: reinforced concrete, thickness: 180 mm - 200 mm
  • Tanking: BS 8102, Type B, including backfill protection, structural waterproofing guarantee: 10 years
  • Safe against hydrostatic uplift
  • Including openings for services
  • Including working drawings, structural calculation and project management
  • Options available: external entrance, windows, lightwells, staircase, ground bearing, slab, sealing flange for service pipes etc.

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