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Flooding, rising water tables and poor ground conditions demand a high quality basement construction with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of tanking.  [aquasafe basement] Basements which are absolutely watertight are required to protect your investent. The AquaSafe system fulfills this requirement- guaranteed. With the experience of 500+ basements in a watertable annually you can rely on Glatthaar for peace of mind.

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The AquaSafe basement consists of the following items:

  • min. 250 mm reinforced in situ concrete foundation slab
  • 240 mm prefabricate concrete waterproof panel external
  • 200 mm reinforced concrete ground floor slab
  • 40mm standard insulation
  • Full tanking system
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Typical door openings
  • Typical window openings



  • Light wells, internal/external staircases
  • Patios / sunken gardens / retaining walls
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